Technician Holding a Snake
Technician Holding a Snake

I Have a Snake in the Wall

Walls are not off limits to snakes in your home. If one of these reptiles is in your attic it is not unheard of for them to find their way into a wall. They will follow prey anywhere. The crawl space can also be an entry point into a wall. Looking for the space where they entered can be the best way to locate one in the wall.

There are traps that can be used allowing it to exit and not re-enter. If the entry point is not visible it can be much more difficult to locate. Our professional team is trained to listen and find them. We know the most popular times for these nuisance animals to be active and we will hear them.

Safe Snake Trapping and Removal

In cases where the entry is visible we can use traps.  In other cases we may have to cut into the drywall to use the trap.  Another reason to have a professional do this is to protect the systems of your home.  Electrical wires and plumbing are behind your drywall and can be damaged easily if cuts are made incorrectly.  We can make cuts that do not interfere with them and after we are done capturing the animal, all repairs will be made. 

If you think there may be a snake in your wall, do not go after it yourself.  Contact us right away at QualityPro.  We will schedule an inspection for your home.